Throw Back Thursday

Here goes.  My first TBT post.  This journal entry is from 2007.  Recreated here just as it was written. 


I don’t like people who think they are above the laws of morality.  I think we have a problem in education when what we are teaching is not truth.  Knowledge is defined as the sum of what is known: the body of truth, information and principles acquired by mankind.  Isn’t it job as educators to help our students acquire knowledge?  Isn’t it left to us as educators to make sure the next generation retains the knowledge we have already acquired?  If we allow them to change what is true into whatever serves them at the time, what will happen?  What are we teaching our children when we allow them to believe that one test taken at the end of the year is the most important thing?  What are we teaching our kids when we award them with movies and field days for performing well on one shot assessments?  Do they really know what it feels like to be proud of yourself for accomplishing something for themselves or do they just know that if you follow a formula you get a reward in the end.  Are they the mouse merely following the smell of the treat at the end of the maze or are they like Charlie able to feel the satisfaction of accomplishing a hard earned goal? 


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Throw Back Thursday – Journal Style

Every now and then, I take the time to read journal entries from days gone by.  It always amazes me when I find a journal entry that makes me think, “wow, did I really write that?”  I sometimes even think things like, “I should share that.”  I rarely share though, but what if I did?  What if I took those journal entries and posted them here?  What would happen?  What if we all did?  What if we all pulled out an old journal each week and read until we found something that wowed us.  What if we started posting those thoughts knowing that they are nothing more than random thoughts from a younger version of ourselves.  Could it be as much fun as posting random pictures of ourselves with big 80′s hair or crazy clothes from the 90′s?    Who wants to give it a try? Who wants to join me?  Let’s start a new version of TBT.    Let’s all post a Throwback Thursday post this week.  Start digging through those old journals and on Thursday, post an entry that wowed you. 

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Sorting Box






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Classroom Teams

After visiting Ron Clark Academy I decided to create teams for my students, but I wasn’t sure what names to use for these teams. This morning, I woke up with four words going through my mind–integrity, kindness, intelligence, and creativity. Using the dictionary app on my phone, I have roughly traced these words back to their Latin origins or to the origin of a synonym–integritas, benevolens, intelligentia, and videre. These will be the names of my teams, and each will have a mascot–peacock, dog, owl, and squirrel. When we return to school tomorrow, my students will participate in a ceremony much like the hat ceremony that takes place in Harry Potter. I have much to accomplish today. Pictures will be posted.

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Story Time


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Empty Pen


I am experiencing a little case of empty pen. My pen has plenty of ink, but the thoughts just don’t seem to be flowing through it. I have missed 2 days of blogging. I know I have to post something just to get back on track, but I am having a difficult time knowing what to post. So, here it is–a post about my inability to post.

I wonder, what do all of you prolific bloggers do? How do you keep the ideas flowing and keep your pen from going dry?

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Discover. Play. Build.

Thanks to Ruth Ayers for hosting #Celebratelu each week @ Ruth Ayers Writes! Discover*Play*Build

It is Saturday. Last week, on Saturday, I told myself that I would start participating in Ruth’s weekly celebration link up. I set a reminder on my phone and wrote a celebration post. I didn’t think about it again until this morning when my phone reminded me. So, I pulled out my journal and my pen to write a reflective entry about the week–to think about all the things that I have to celebrate this week. There are so many. The list just goes on and on. I have little things like chocolate bars in my desk drawer, big things like straight A’s on my daughter’s first grade report from Maryville College, and so many things in between. But in this entry what I really want to celebrate is the fact that thanks to #nerdlution I am writing and blogging again. I want to celebrate this because it is helping me remember and appreciate all the wonderful things I have to celebrate.

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